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We offer premium travel experiences that embody the renowned spirit of adventure, conservation and education, taking curious travelers across Bhutan.

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Many of our expeditions are accompanied by our tour expert & photographer, who share their knowledge and destination expertise for an enriched travel experience.

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When you travel with us, you help further the work of our team. Every year, we distribute a portion of our proceeds to the society.

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Lhojong Dumra Tours is a premier travel agency that has been attracting people from all over the world to Bhutan. The positive comments about Bhutan’s unique culture, breathtaking natural scenery, and friendly people have been instrumental in driving the success of this agency. 

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Take a note of peak and non-peak seasons as there are cost differences. You have to choose any tour as per your interest, we will customize any tour itineraries as per your travel plan. Then you need to decide your travel date and flight sectors. If you are not able to decide, then you can tell us your preferred tour and durations, we will execute the best itinerary for you.
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Now you need to decide your preferred travel date and preferred travel route so that we can make a flight reservation accordingly in advance. You need to send us your passport copy to book your flight tickets. Then we will send you your flight reservation itinerary. Accordingly, you can plan your onward flight tickets or you can let us know we will arrange the flights for you.
Hotel Booking
Now your hotel will be booked, we provide 3-star hotels and Homestay to our clients. However, If you prefer 4 star and 5 Stars hotels then you have to pay supplement costs. Let us know the hotels of your choice, we will provide you as per your preference.


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l arranged a 15 day tour for me as a solo traveler. Cannot say enough about the extremely high level of service they provided me from the moment I arrived at Paro to my departure. Thank you Lhojong Dumra team for keeping me safe and as well as entertained throughout the entire 15 days I was in Bhutan both the guide and the driver had immense knowledge about the history and culture of Bhutan. Overall my Bhutan trip was amazing and all thanks to the team of Lhojong Dumra and can't wait to explore more of Bhutan soon for eastern Bhutan tour.

Frequently Asked Questions

All International tourists are required a visa which must be pre-arranged through a license Bhutanese Tour Operator Visa clearance must be obtained through your tour operator prior to travel.

Bhutan is a small, landlocked country located in the eastern Himalayas between India and China. Its landscape ranges from subtropical plains to steep mountains and valleys. In the high Himalayas, peaks are best and popular trekking destination. Bhutan is a predominantly Buddhist country and is known as the last stronghold of Mahayana Buddhism. Even the most privileged travelers consider Bhutan a special destination. Its secluded location, limited accessibility and preservation efforts have shielded many from visiting this jewel in the Himalayas.

“Yes” It is a government regulation that you must use a licensed Bhutanese Tour Operator to book your travel to Bhutan, Lhojong Dumra is one of the best local travel agent and we are government authorized agent that you can contact us in Thimphu, Bhutan. We are a team of efficient and liable. We cater to your needs accordingly, like international and local flight ticket and Hotel bookings. we have very experienced and knowledgeable English guide and fluent Chinese speaking language guide.

There are a number of airports where you can fly into Bhutan from, Bangkok, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai (India) Dhaka, (bangladesh) Kathmandu, (Nepal) Singapore and At present two airlines operate to Bhutan, Drukair and Bhutan Airlines. Also, there are three land border crossings, which you can travel into the
kingdom overland.  All crossings are along the Indian border only – Phuentsholing, Gelephu and Samdrup Jongkhar.